Freight rail public-private partnerships : how Texas may accommodate the future surge in growth

Demars, Chelsea Elizabeth
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This report assesses the current and future freight conditions in Texas, and how more freight will need to be transported by rail to keep up with the population and economic trends. Public-private partnerships are necessary to accommodate this surge in growth in order to make it financially feasible for both the public and private sectors. The intent of this report is to introduce the concept of freight rail public-private partnerships in order to relate it to the State of Texas to help accommodate growth. Two case studies will be discussed as examples of successful public-private partnerships where freight rail expansion was feasible. At the end of each case study, there is a section for implications in Texas’ rail system. A series of interviews with public and private stakeholders will portray the sides of both sectors as to why freight rail publicprivate partnerships are difficult to achieve in Texas. Finally, some recommendations will be made for Texas based on the case studies and interviews.