The Approach of Complex Insert Packaging Fabrication in Stereolithography

Chiu, Y. Y.
Chang, J. H.
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The approach of complex insert packaging fabrication in stereolithography is studied in the paper. There are many difficulties being overcome, such as the dispensing shadowing problem caused by the geometric shape of insert, the polymer feeding problem caused by greater insert height than the layer thickness, and the positioning problem of insert that leads to instability of packaging. These drawbacks led to unsatisfactory results of the insert packaging in stereolithography. In order to solve the problems, a new method of complex inserts packaging fabrication in stereolithography is proposed in this paper. Based on the geometric information, function and assembly direction of the inserts, the packaging approach is developed. The approach proposed in this paper has been verified by experiments. It brings considerable contributions to the application of insert packaging in stereolithography. It is also favorable to the improvement of insert packaging efficiency and assembly fabrication