Printing Orientation and How Implicit It Is

Granizo, Juan
Gribbins, Cassandra
Steinhauer, Heidi
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University of Texas at Austin

A study on how implicit the printing orientation is for people with no previous experience in additive manufacturing was conducted. The study was developed with middle and high school students divided into two groups, where only one group was introduced a series of activities to show the importance of printing orientation and its relation with stress and strength of parts. Both of the groups were evaluated in the construction of a wing-box using 3-D printing pens. The study also took into consideration the amount of filament that was used in the assembly of the structure, to keep track of the most optimized models. The wing-box were then tested until failure to study its structural integrity. Finally, a detailed comparison between the two studied groups was perform to show how implicit the printing orientation is in the design process of parts.