Revealing The Millimeter Environment Of The New FU Orionis Candidate HBC722 With The Submillimeter Array

Dunham, Michael M.
Arce, Hector G.
Bourke, Tyler L.
Chen, Xuepeng
van Kempen, Tim A.
Green, Joel D.
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We present 230 GHz Submillimeter Array continuum and molecular line observations of the newly discovered FU Orionis candidate HBC722. We report the detection of seven 1.3 mm continuum sources in the vicinity of HBC722, none of which corresponds to HBC722 itself. We compile infrared and submillimeter continuum photometry of each source from previous studies and conclude that three are Class 0 embedded protostars, one is a Class I embedded protostar, one is a Class I/II transition object, and two are either starless cores or very young, very low luminosity protostars or first hydrostatic cores. We detect a northwest-southeast outflow, consistent with the previous detection of such an outflow in low-resolution, single-dish observations, and note that its axis may be precessing. We show that this outflow is centered on and driven by one of the nearby Class 0 sources rather than HBC722, and find no conclusive evidence that HBC722 itself is driving an outflow. The non-detection of HBC722 in the 1.3 mm continuum observations suggests an upper limit of 0.02 M-circle dot for the mass of the circumstellar disk. This limit is consistent with typical T Tauri disks and with a disk that provides sufficient mass to power the burst.

Dunham, Michael M., H�ctor G. Arce, Tyler L. Bourke, Xuepeng Chen, Tim A. van Kempen, and Joel D. Green. "Revealing the Millimeter Environment of the New FU Orionis Candidate HBC722 with the Submillimeter Array." The Astrophysical Journal, Vol. 755, No. 2 (Aug., 2012): 157.