Evolution of the Genus Holmesina (Pampatheriidae, Mammalia) in Florida, with Remarks on Taxonomy and Distribution




Edmund, A. Gordon

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Texas Memorial Museum, The University of Texas at Austin


A large series of specimens of pampatheres has been found in Florida, covering approximately two million years from their emigration from South America to their late Pleistocene extinction. During this period, there was little morphological change, although the limb bones elongated by about 50%. The area of individual osteoderms, which is indicative of the surface area of the animal, increased, as expected, by the square of that amount, i.e. 2.2 times.


Contents: Abstract -- Acknowledgments -- Abbreviations and Acronyms -- Key Words -- Introduction -- Material -- History of North American Collecting -- Taxonomic History Pertinent to North America -- Summary of Pampathere Systematics -- Increasing Size of Holmesina in Florida -- Crapace -- Limb Bones -- Metapodials -- Taxonomics Conclusions -- References

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