A comparative study of anuran chromosomes




Hayes, Edwin Spencer

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The chromosome studies of Painter on reptiles (1921), birds (unpublished), and mammals (1924, 1925, 1926, 1928 have revealed many interesting facts with regard to sex chromosomes and the changes which occur in chromosomes during speciation. Recent reports in the Amphibia of intersexuality, hypogenitalism (Cheng, 1930), and sex reversal due to high temperature (Witschi, 1929), parabiotic twinning (Burns, 1925, 1929, 1930a, 1930b; Witschi, 1931), and gonadic transplantation (Humphrey, 1929b, 1931) show the desirability of such studies on Amphibian chromosomes. The present investigation was begun for two outstanding reasons, namely, (1) to extend our information of the modifications in numbers and morphology which have occurred in the Amphibia during speciation, and (2) to see if there were valid cytological evidences for sex chromosomes in this group. The ease of collection and preservation, together with the abundance of anuran species in the Southwest, afford an excellent opportunity for the realization of these aims

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