Impact and Influence Factors of Additive Manufacturing on Product Lifecycle Costs

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Lindemann, C.
Jahnke, U.
Moi, M.
Koch, R.

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University of Texas at Austin


At first sight the direct costs of Additive Manufacturing (AM) seem too high in comparison to traditional manufacturing. Considering the whole lifecycle costs of parts changes the point of view. Due to the modification of the new production process and new supply chains during a parts lifecycle, producing companies can strongly benefit from AM. Therefore, a costing model for assessing lifecycle costs with regard to specific applications and branches has been developed. The costing model represents the advantages of AM monetary. For the evaluation of this model and the influence factors, different case studies have been performed including different approaches in part redesign. Deeper research is and will be carried out with respect to the AM building rates and the comparability of various AM machines, as these facts are hardly comparable for end users. This paper will present the methodology as well as the results of the case studies conducted over the whole product lifecycle.


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