Evaluation of the J. Friemel #1 Vertical Well Tests, Deaf Smith County, Palo Duro Basin, Texas Panhandle

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Smith, D. Anderson

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This report describes the vertical well test in the Wolfcamp interval of the J. Friemel #1 hydrologic test well. Included are (1) purpose of the test, (2) test approach, (3) "what went right with the test," (4) "what went wrong with the test," and (5) what should be done differently next time.

Purpose of the Test The overall purpose of performing the vertical well test was to begin to estimate the importance of fracture permeability in the regional flow system. This aspect of the regional flow system has not been tested in either field tests or modeling exercises. It is probable that there is vertical fluid movement through the various hydrologic units of the Palo Duro Basin. Within each of the hydrologic units as well as across formation boundaries vertical flow may be through fractures. The purpose of this test was to assess the importance of fracture permeability between two porous Wolfcamp carbonate intervals.


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