Color Variability Of HBC 722 In The Post-Outburst Phases




Baek, Giseon
Pak, Soojong
Green, Joel D.
Meschiari, Stefano
Lee, Jeong-Eun
Jeon, Yiseul
Choi, Changsu
Im, Myungshin
Sung, Hyun-Il
Park, Won-Kee

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We carried out photometric observations for HBC 722 in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey r, i, and z bands from 2011 April to 2013 May with the Camera for QUasars in EArly uNiverse attached to the 2.1 m Otto Struve telescope at McDonald Observatory. The post-outburst phenomena were classified into five phases according to not only brightness but also color variations, which might be caused by physical changes in the emitting regions of optical and near-infrared bands. A series of spectral energy distributions (SEDs) is presented to support color variations and track the time evolution of the SED in optical/near-infrared bands after the outburst. Given two years of data, possible periodicities of r, i, and z bands were checked. We found three families of signals around similar to 6, similar to 10, and similar to 1 days in three bands, which is broadly consistent with Green et al. We also examined short-term variability (intra-day and day scales) to search for evidences of flickering by using the micro-variability method. We found clear signs of day scale variability and weak indications of intra-day scale fluctuations, which implies that the flickering event occurs in HBC 722 after outburst.



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Baek, Giseon, Soojong Pak, Joel D. Green, Stefano Meschiari, Jeong-Eun Lee, Yiseul Jeon, Changsu Choi, Myungshin Im, Hyun-Il Sung, and Won-Kee Park. >Color Variability of HBC 722 in the Post-Outburst Phases.> arXiv preprint arXiv:1410.0110 (2014).