Ground-Water and Surface-Water Hydrology of Fort Wolters, Parker and Palo Pinto Counties, Texas

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Ground-water and surface-water investigations of Camp Maxey, Lamar County, Texas, were conducted to provide the Texas Army National Guard information needed to preserve environmental quality and resources while planning and conducting training and preparedness activities. Spatial information such as surface geology, watersheds, elevation data, floodplains, well locations, and water levels were converted to digital files and submitted to the Texas Army National Guard Geographic Information System office at Camp Mabry, Austin, Texas, for future use in managing the training facility. Similar investigations were conducted at Camps Barkeley, Bowie, Mabry, and Swift, and at Fort Wolters. Results of those studies are presented separately. Previously published reports and public data files were examined to obtain background information on the camp and surrounding area. These data were used to guide more focused studies on the training facility. Ground-water studies included locating existing wells in and near the camp, installing new wells as needed, testing and sampling selected wells, determining ground-water levels, chemical compositions, and aquifer hydraulic properties, and developing a conceptual model of ground-water flow. Surface-water studies focused on delineating watersheds and mapping floodplains.


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