Presentation: Never Wait for a Doctor Again? Revolutionizing Health Care




Johnston, Clay
Environmental Science Institute

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Environmental Science Institute



What does the future of health care look like? Will you screen yourself for disease with your smartphone? Never wait for a doctor? Wear a hospital gown that preserves your modesty? Hear how the new Dell Medical School at UT Austin Is working to make Austin a model healthy city. Despite the billions of dollars spent on health care every year in the U.S., it is easier to reserve seats at a movie theater than to find a good doctor. How can we use technology to revitalize the health care system, so you can forego that trip to the doctor’s office for a flu check-up or receive a reminder to take your medicine? Dean Johnston shares how the new Dell Medical School is working to enable a vital, inclusive health ecosystem that’s focused on innovative training for the next generation of physicians and redesigning health care delivery so that it’s focused on value and better health outcomes.

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