Social support, self-efficacy, coping strategies and depressive symptoms : an integrative model




Saltzman, Kristina Muffler

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Stress resistance is increasingly important in the field of health psychology, as the focus of research is shifting from risk factors to personal resources. This study was designed to test and broaden Holahan and Moos' (1991) resources model of stress resistance. It was hypothesized that self-efficacy would mediate between social support and coping strategies, as well as operate directly in predicting depressive symptoms. In addition, it was hypothesized that self-efficacy would relate both directly and indirectly through coping strategies to depressive symptoms. 309 college students were assessed as to social support (positive and negative), coping strategies (approach and avoidant), self-efficacy, and depressive symptoms. Results were consistent with the hypothesized model. Social support related both directly and indirectly to coping strategies through self-efficacy, and self-efficacy related to depressive symptoms both directly and indirectly through percentage of approach coping strategies. In addition, social support related directly to depressive symptoms. Implications of the results are discussed