Interrogation of Mid-Build Internal Temperature Distributions Within Parts Being Manufactured via the Powder Bed Fusion Process

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Wood, Nathaniel
Mendoza, Heimdall
Boulware, Paul
Hoelzle, David J.

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University of Texas at Austin


This work reports on the measurement of the internal temperature distributions of parts being manufactured via the Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) process. Eight test coupons were machined from a piece of wrought 304 stainless steel (SS). Thermocouples were inserted into the test coupon interiors to sample internal thermal history. The coupons were then placed into the open architecture laser PBF machine housed at EWI and covered to their uppermost surfaces with 316 SS powder. Three tests were executed: First, the laser rastered over the coupons without inducing melting. Second, the laser rastered over the coupons while melting the exposed faces. Lastly, five layers of 316 SS were built atop the coupons. The main result is a comprehensive data set of a multitude of measured physical inputs and outputs under typical build conditions: embedded thermocouple temperatures, laser centroid, laser power, and infrared imagery of the exposed coupon faces.


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