Generation Y : a new generation of learning




Wallace, Elizabeth Marie

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In this paper the so-called Generation Y and its impact on education and counseling is examined. The shared experiences of this group of individuals are identified, which contribute to the defining characteristics of this generation. The implications of these characteristics for the learning styles of Gen Yers are discussed. Recent research has shown that Gen Y differs from previous generations in several ways. Most importantly, Gen Y students have developed a different brain structure, which processes and uses information in a way that is radically different from previous generations (Abram, 2007; Black, 2010; Doidge, 2008; Prensky, 2001a,b,c; & Oblinger, 2003). In this paper the inevitable consequences suffered when schools do not specifically address Gen Y’s unique learning styles are explored and outlined. Further, ways in which school counselors and student advocates can address the needs of these students to give them all of the skills they need to succeed in school are examined.



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