Data on highway maintenance, rehabilitation, and mobility projects for integrated planning in Texas

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Nabeel, Khwaja
France-Mensah, Jojo
Kothari, Chirag
O'Brien, William J.

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State Highway Agencies (SHAs) have different functional groups that work towards improving the functional and physical performance of highway assets. These functional groups often propose multiple inter-related highway projects on the same network. However, the respective information systems of such functional groups lack interoperability capabilities between them. This data article is related to an earlier study by France-Mensah et al. (France-Mensah et al., 2017) that explored the integrated visualization of highway projects proposed by different functional groups working in the same highway agency. This dataset provides a spatially integrated set of maintenance and capital planning projects which is rarely available due to organizational silos which often exist in highway agencies. The data includes approximately 700 highway projects with over 16 attributes that includes spatial, temporal, cost, and description attributes. The highway projects are located in the Fort Worth District of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) which is responsible for a large network (approximately 9000 lane miles) of highway assets. The agency currently oversees around $4 billion in construction projects and spends around $120 million annually for asset preservation. An analysis of the fund allocations categorized by different project types for pavement and bridge assets is presented. The data presented can be used to compare competing approaches or policies for cross-asset allocation, spatial-temporal projects coordination, and safety planning in the infrastructure management domain.


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Jojo France-Mensah, Chirag Kothari, William J. O'Brien, Nabeel Khwaja, Data on highway maintenance, rehabilitation, and mobility projects for integrated planning in Texas, Data in Brief, Volume 25, 2019, 104367, ISSN 2352-3409, (