ArcGIS and HSPF model development




Johnson, Nathan William

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The Hydrologic Simulation Program in Fortran, (HSPF), is a widely used computer model used to simulate hydrologic and water quality processes. Geographic Information System (GIS) tools from the BASINS system are widely used for creating new HSPF models, but operate within the ESRI ArcView environment. New ArcGIS software is an upgrade from their ArcView and ArcInfo predecessors and offers a robust data management framework and a common environment for the development of custom applications. This thesis presents a set of existing and custom tools that can be used for creating HSPF models in the ArcGIS environment. In addition, an ArcGIS system for preparing NEXRAD precipitation data for input to HSPF models provides an example of how ArcGIS tools and data structures can aid in HSPF modeling after initial model development


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