Characteristics of ventilation in Callinectes sapidus (Rathbun)

Batterton, Carol Sue Vaughan
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  1. Ventilation volume (V̇ [subscript G]) was monitored in the blue crab Callinectes sapidus using an electromagnetic flow probe. Mean resting value of ventilation volume for a 200g crab was 146±81ml•min⁻¹, oxygen consumption (V̇ [subscript O₂] was 85.6±35ml • kg⁻¹• hr⁻¹ and extraction efficiency was 48%±14. 2. The relationships between pulsatile ventilatory flow and pressure and pressure phasing in both gill chambers, pressure volume relationships, and ventilatory energy cost were investigated. 3. Blue crabs tolerated exposure to air for at least eight hours at room temperature, and were able to maintain oxygen consumption during exposure to air. 4. Response to 1% CO₂ was variable and inconsistent in S.W. (sea water) Callinectes sapidus. No response to 1% or 2% CO₂ was seen in F.W. (fresh water) blue crabs. 5. Blue crabs responded to hypoxia of 65, 40, and 25 torr by increasing V̇ [subscript G] and maintaining extraction efficiency at the pre-hypoxia value. V̇ [subscript O₂] decreased with decreasing O₂ tension of the water. 6. No significant change was seen in ventilatory parameters in response to salinity variations