Description and Interpretation of Test Cores- Brooks and Adjacent Counties, South Texas

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Galloway, William E.
Morton, Robert A.

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This report reviews the results of an examination of approximately 700 feet of core collected during a regional drilling program conducted under the National Uranium Resource Evaluation Program. The location of cored test borings is shown in Figure 1. Core depths ranged from 380 to 2905 feet and included portions of the Catahoula (Oligocene), Oakville/Fleming (Miocene), and Goliad (Pliocene) Formations, all of which are significant uranium hosts in the South Texas Uranium Province.

The objectives of the examination included:

  1. Description and interpretation of sedimentologic features.
  2. Description and interpretation of alteration facies.
  3. Mineralogic analysis of selected representative samples.
  4. Correlation of drill logs and core intervals within the framework developed in the course of regional stratigraphic studies.
  5. Geochemical analysis of selected samples to assess alteration mineralogy and trace metals content.


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