Ceramic Joining by Selective Beam Deposition

Tompkins, J.V.
Birmingham, B.R.
Marcus, H.L.
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Current methods ofjoining of ceramic components may compromise the strength, chemical resistance, or high temperature properties of the resulting ceramic parts. A new method of joining, Ceramic Joining by Selective Beam Deposition, creates an all-ceramic joint between two or more ceramic components through selective decomposition of a gas precursor. An all-ceramic joint not only preserves the valuable properties of the ceramic materials joined, but may be tailored to match the coefficient of thermal expansion ofthe original material(s). The added material may be the same as one or both of the joined Inaterials, or may be a composite material. This preliminary work explores the effect of scanning speed and precursor pressure on Selective Beam Deposition ofsilicon carbide using tetramethylsilane.