Outline of Basic Procedures for Remote Sensing Information Subsytem (RSIS) Analysis of Landsat Data

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Finley, Robert J.
Baumgardner, Jr., Robert W.

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This document outlines basic procedures for analyzing Landsat data using the Remote Sensing Information Subsystem (RSIS), prepared for the Texas Natural Resources Information System and dated November 1980.

The outline includes procedures for Reflectance Data Display and Classified Data Display. It provides detailed steps for various tasks such as locating areas of interest, running histogram processors, setting up display tapes, analyzing data, and creating look-up tables. Additionally, it covers the use of software tools like LARSYS Histogram Processor, ISOCLS Processor, and CLRTAB.

The document includes tables and figures illustrating channel data, radiance values, and color assignments. It also includes appendices detailing RSIS runstreams and ISOCLS procedures.

Overall, it's a comprehensive guide for utilizing RSIS to analyze Landsat data for various applications related to natural resource management and geology.


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