Full-duplex millimeter wave communication systems : theory and practice




Roberts, Ian Parker

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This dissertation is focused on studying, characterizing, and developing new solutions for full-duplex millimeter wave (mmWave) communication systems. Translating existing full-duplex solutions—which are largely for systems operating at lower carrier frequencies—to mmWave systems is not practically viable nor is it necessarily desirable. Instead, I propose several novel solutions for full-duplex mmWave systems, all of which harness beamforming with dense antenna arrays to cancel self-interference to levels near or even below the noise floor—unlocking the long-sought ability to simultaneously transmit and receive over the same frequency spectrum. Two trademarks of my proposed techniques are that they (i) account for a wide variety of key practical constraints and (ii) are informed by a campaign in which I collected and analyzed nearly 20 million measurements of self-interference using 28 GHz phased arrays. Numerical simulation and experimental evaluation are used to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed techniques, validating them as enablers of full-duplex mmWave systems. Based on the aforementioned measurements, this dissertation also extensively characterizes mmWave self-interference through statistical analysis and spatial modeling, both of which are the first of their kind. Together comprising this dissertation, the characterization of self-interference and the proposed solutions serve as strides toward transforming real-world mmWave communication systems by upgrading them with full-duplex capability.


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