Validation and Comparison of Fem-Simulation Results of the Fused Deposition Modeling Process under Consideration of Different Mesh Resolutions

Moritzer, E.
Hecker, F.
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The Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) process is an Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology. In the FDM process, components are generated by feeding a thermoplastic polymer filament into a heated nozzle and depositing the molten material layer-by-layer in a defined way onto the building platform or an already existing component structure. The strand-by- strand deposition leads to a complex cooling situation which contributes to the non-uniform shrinkage of components in the FDM-process. Using an AM plug-in for the FEM-simulation software Abaqus, the thermal and mechanical aspects of a component can be simulated according to the temporal sequence of the manufacturing process. For this, the birth-death- method is used in the simulations. During the investigations, the simulation results regarding geometrical deviations are compared to the actual deviation of the manufactured specimens. Furthermore, the influences of the mesh resolution on the simulation results and the required time for the simulations are considered.