Repurposing the International Space Station




Allman, Casey

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The International Space Station serves today as a research platform for the effects of microgravity and cosmic radiation on a myriad of objects. The ISS has served as the primary source of our understanding of the effects of large amounts of cosmic radiation, particularly on humans. The ISS, however, is nearing the end of it’ s lifespan, and it is likely that within the next decade, the US government will cease funding operations on board. This raises the question of what to do with the ISS afterwards? This paper will suggest several potential uses for the International Space Station following government withdrawal. The ISS can either be turned into a hotel, serving as a once-in-a-lifetime destination for those that can afford passage, or a microgravity manufacturing facility for a variety of products. These include human organs for transplant, foodstuff, metal alloys, advanced fiber optics, and crystals.


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