Intersections: Women's and Gender Studies in Review across Disciplines




University of Texas at Austin

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Table of Contents: ARTICLES -- Political Rights: A Brief Look at the Kuwaiti Women's Movement / by Dana Al-Ebrahim (p. 11-22) -- Mapping Inclusion: Social Groups and Subcultures within New York City's Queer Commercial Sex Landscape / by Heather Wollin (p. 23-34) -- Queer Liberalism, Women's Equality, and the Patrolling of "Domestic" Boundaries in the United States / by Jessica Johnson (p. 35-47) -- Lose the Radicals, Wear a Suit, and Meet Me in the Rose Garden: A Critique of the Human Rights Campaign's Gay Agenda / by Jane B. Meek (p. 48-57) -- Violent Frontiers: Women's Rights, Intimate Partner Violence, and the State in Ecuador / by Karin Friederic (p. 58-75) -- Examining the Politics of Education: A Critical Analysis of the French Ban on the Hijab in Public Schools / by Katherine Cumings Mansfield (p. 76-88) -- Conversations Across the Bosphorus: The Poetics and Politics of Depicting Other Women / by Hikmet Kocamaner (p. 89-100) -- The Canonization of Gilman's "Lost Utopias" / by Devon Wallace (p. 101-110) -- Shattering the Final Glass Ceiling: Gender, Politics and the Campaign for Presidency / by Beth A. Latshaw (p. 111-124) -- ARTWORK -- La Hija del Dictador / by Nicky Arscott (p. 72) -- Red Lined Nude / by Tiffany Mylinh Duong (p. 73) -- Lying Figure / By Tiffany Mylinh Duong (p. 74) -- Insomnia / by Arthur Christian Abello (p. 74) -- Resting Woman / by Tiffany Mylinh Duong (p. 75) -- BOOK REVIEWS -- Pedagogies of Crossing: Meditations on Feminism, Sexual Politics, Memory and the Sacred / by Elyshia Aseltine (p. 125-127) -- Rethinking Madam President: Are we Ready for a Woman in the White House? / by Emily A. Neff-Sharum (p. 128-129) -- Look Both Ways: Bisexual Politics / by Kimberly Campanello (p. 130-132) -- FACULTY PIECE -- Gender Politics and Academia / by Pascale R. Bos (p. 133-135) -- Contributors (p. 136-138) -- Call for Papers (p. 139)


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