Racial inequalities within families : three essays on interracial families in Brazil



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In this dissertation, I examine ways in which structural racism manifests itself in close interpersonal relationships. Investigating interracial families in Brazil, I explore how family processes perpetuate racial hierarchies and how meanings about race are reinforced and transmitted among family members. To assess the complexity of interpersonal and social dynamics within interracial families, each of my dissertation chapters examines distinct facets of family life, encompassing union formation, power dynamics between couples, and racialized processes influencing children. My dissertation employs the Brazilian National Household Sample Survey (PNAD), and each of my chapters uses different statistical strategies. My results indicate that prevailing racial hierarchies influence intimate relationships, shaping dynamics within families. These findings also highlight the interconnection between structural racism and gender stratification in family dynamics and show how social class and geographical location influence racialization processes. Finally, this dissertation builds on an emerging scholarship investigating the various facets of interracial ties, and how institutions, including families, maintain racial inequality.



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