Integrated Hardfacing of Stellite-6 Using Hybrid Manufacturing Process

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Praniewicz, M.
Feldhausen, T.
Kersten, S.
Berez, J.
Jost, E.
Kurfess, T.
Saldana, C.

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University of Texas at Austin


Hybrid manufacturing systems provide a platform for integrated additive, subtractive and inspection methods on a single machine setup. The present work explores use of hybrid manufacturing for hardfacing of performance components for improving wear resistance. In this work, Stellite-6 was applied to a 410 stainless steel substrate using a hybrid manufacturing system incorporating multi-axis directed energy deposition and machining. Experimental testing was conducted to determine the effects of hybrid manufacturing parameters on internal porosity, surface porosity and microstructure in the cladded material, as well as on the roughness of the final machined surface. Correlation between porosity measurements made by x-ray tomography and surface inspection is presented and determination of ideal process parameters for hardfacing of components using hybrid manufacturing systems is briefly discussed. A deposition process is presented and implemented on a large industrial component. The component is inspected using dye-penetrant testing and metallographic techniques.


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