Additive Manufacturing of ODS Steels Using Powder Feedstock Atomized with Elemental Yttrium

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Yang, Seongun
Xu, Donghua
Yan, Dongqing
Albert, Marc
Pasebani, Somayeh

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University of Texas at Austin


This study investigates the microstructure and mechanical properties of an austenitic ODS steel produced by the Laser Directed Energy Deposition (LDED) process using powder feedstock atomized with elemental yttrium. The Microstructure of the samples was characterized by electron microscopy, and mechanical properties were measured using a tensile test and nanoindentation. Further, the thermal stability of the LDEDproduced ODS steels were evaluated. As-printed samples showed a cellular structure with Si-Mn-Y-Oenriched nanoparticles that were found to be amorphous. After 100 hours at 1000°C in an argon atmosphere, a partially recrystallized microstructure with a decrease in the number density of Y-O-enriched nanoparticles with crystalline structure was revealed. The as-printed (600 W, 600 mm/min) samples exhibited an ultimate tensile strength of 774 MPa and an elongation at a break of 22%. A lower ultimate tensile strength of 592 MPa and higher elongation of 42% was measured after 100 hours at 1000°C.


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