Geologic and Hydrologic Investigations Reese Air Force Base, Lubbock, Texas

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The Bureau of Economic Geology has conducted a characterization of the geology and hydrology of the Ogallala and Blackwater Draw Formations at Reese Air Force Base to establish baseline information for better delineation of contamination on the base. Analysis of five cores revealed two predominant depositional facies: eolian sands and fluvial gravels. The gravels seem to extend continuously across the base and likely constitute the primary water-bearing unit, potentially serving as the main pathway for contaminant migration in the groundwater beneath the base. Continuous water-level recorder data from water-supply wells and monitoring wells on the base indicated a mix of confined and unconfined conditions. The degree of confinement may be influenced by the wells' proximity to the playa lakes on the base or by the relationship of the water levels in the wells to the top of the water-bearing gravel unit. This variability in confinement suggests a hydrological setting that is more intricate than typically recognized for the Ogallala aquifer.


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