High Power Density and High Efficiency Converter Topologies for Electric Ships

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Herbst, J.D.
Engelkemeir, F.D.
Gattozzi, A.L.

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Power electronic converters are expected to be significant contributors to system mass, system loss, and system cost in the all-electric ship, and are therefore a significant area of interest. This paper investigates the reduction of switching losses in high power (MW level) converters. These losses remain a major obstacle to the development of converters capable of operating at higher frequencies and higher power densities. The Auxiliary Resonant Commutated Pole (ARCP) soft-switching converter topology offers the potential for minimization of switching losses but has some inherent limitations. This paper examines two new converter designs based on the ARCP soft-switching topology that allow for more compact units by reducing the semiconductor switching losses generated within them. These concepts have been proven in principle by preliminary laboratory testing of a scaled 20 kW converter prototype. The new proposed topologies are described and simulation results and experimental waveforms obtained on the prototype unit are also reported.


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J.D. Herbst, F.D. Engelkemeir, and A.L. Gattozzi,”High Power Density and High Efficiency Converter Topologies for Electric Ships,” IEEE Electric Ship Technologies Symposium IEEE ESTS 2013, April 22-23, 2013.