Introduction: The Hindi-Urdu Verb - A guided tour - Hindi and Urdu edition

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Snell, Rupert

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Hindi Urdu Flagship




This guide steers you through the main verb tenses and constructions of Hindi-Urdu. The aim is to focus on the verbs separately from the other language elements that are covered in course books and grammars. The grammatical explanations use roman script, so as to be readable by all. Technical terminology is fully explained, or avoided whenever possible. A broader treatment of Hindi grammar and style will be found in the Introduction to my forthcoming Reader in Hindi Autobiographical Writing; I can supply a draft if you’re interested. English translations of the example sentences in this guide are not always literal, as there are major differences between English and Hindi-Urdu idiom, and the rhetoric of one language does not always translate straightforwardly into another. Special thanks to Shilpa Parnami, Vidhu Chaturvedi, Akbar Hyder, and Azeem Haider.

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