On the atomization of fuel in diesel engines

Natanzon, V. Ya.
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The atomization of fuel spray in internal combustion engines depends mainly on the dynamic effect of the air on the fuel particles and perturbations of the fuel flow in the nozzle.

The influence of the first factor was typically studied up to the present time. In this paper, we provide a method for determining the size distribution curve of fuel particles and their average size, based on the statistical methods of the kinetic theory of gases under the influence of the second factor.

This is a translation of a 1938 series of Russian articles on turbulent jet breakup. The author, V. Ya. Natanzon, develops a maximum entropy theory of droplet size using a turbulent kinetic energy constraint. This is remarkable as models of jet breakup using the maximum entropy formalism or the turbulent kinetic energy did not become popular until about 50 years after Natanzon's papers. The use of both simultaneously is still novel 80 years later.