Mind Map and demonstration of the Quicklook methodology for technology commercialization




Harbert, Andrew Paul

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Quicklooks provide an initial examination of commercialization potential of a technology. This thesis examines the Quicklook methodology in support of technology commercialization. The paper uses a Mind Map to create a visual representation of the methodology in a single image. Each component of the Mind Map is constructed individually and described in detail. The Mind Map allows the relationship between the many components of the Quicklook to be understood more rapidly. An example of a Quicklook report follows. The results of a Quicklook analysis support improved decisions regarding continued commercialization efforts while outlining the steps needed to get the product or service to market. The technology, its intellectual property, the market, and the competition are included in the analysis. Commercialization specific aspects, such as economic sustainability and business models, are then considered along with the value proposition. The final step in the Quicklook methodology is to recommend whether or not commercialization efforts should continue.



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