Conductive and recognitive hydrogels for biosensing applications

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Bayer, Carolyn Louise

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Human disease processes are often characterized by a deviation from the normal physiological concentration of critical biomarkers. The detection of disease biomarkers requires the development of novel sensing methods which are sensitive, specific, efficient and low-cost. To address this need, a novel conductive and recognitive hydrogel composite material has been developed. This work investigated the fabrication methods, the chemical and physical composition, the sensing capabilities, and the biocompatibility of the proposed conductive and recognitive hydrogel composite materials. The conductive polymer was found to respond by changing conductivity in the presence of biomolecules. Specificity can then be incorporated into the system by integrating the conductive polymer with a molecularly imprinted hydrogel. The demonstration of a conductive and recognitive hydrogel composite is a step towards the integration of these materials into close-loop sensing and drug delivery systems.



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