Mission architecture of Texas, exemplified in San Joseph de San Miguel de Aguayo




White, Robert Leon

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It was originally intended to include at this time a complete analysis of all missions in Texas the ruins of which yet exist, together with detailed drawings of each. Since collecting the data, however, it proves so voluminous that for the purposes of this work the writer has been forced to brief the data collected, select one of the missions as an example, and merely relate the others to it. Accordingly, Mission San Joseph de San Miguel de Aguayo (San Jose) has been selected for presentation here--this in spite of the fact that less information is available relating to the most active period of its existence than of any of the other leading missions. Mission San Jose represents the highest development of mission architecture in Texas, if not as the famous historian Padre Juan Morfi wrote in 1778, after an extended inspection of the various missions: ''l repeat, that there is no mission to equal it in all New Spain". It is the hope of the writer that this work will, in a measure, add a chapter to the absorbing history of Hispanic Architecture in the Southwest, the rich heritage and beauties of which are as yet only partially realized