From the Earth to the Moon : a research symposium honoring the scientific contributions of William R. Muehlberger




Dickerson, Patricia Wood
Cloos, Mark
Muehlberger, William R.

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structural geology, tectonics, lunar science, basement rocks, Denison, Tim, Grenvillian orogenesis, Mosher, Sharon, geologic cross sections, Hatcher, Robert, Karlstrom, Karl, Denison, Rodger, Saleeby, Jason, Saleeby, Zorca, Keller, Randy, van der Lee, Suzan, high-level nuclear waste, world oil reserves, Leonard, Ray, Bally, Albert W., basin classification, St. John, Bill, Indian Ocean tectonics, North American tectonics, Chapin, Tom, Roberts Mountain Thrust deformation, Shoshone and Cortez Ranges, Norton, Ian, evolution of Death Valley, Woodruff, C. M., Jr., Mt. Bonnell Fault, Jahns, Richard H., Muehlberger, Eric, Bauer, Paul, astronaut training, Apollo lunar missions, West Texas, DeMis, Bill, Hell's Half Acre Thrust, Marathon basin, Texas, Hanson, Richard, Roberts, Jonathon, Fanning, Mark, Western Ouachita-Cuyania Basin, South-Central Laurentian Margin, Erdlac, Richard, Permian Basin and Trans-Pecos Texas tectonics, Collins, Edward W., Big Bend of the Rio Grande, Wiley, Michael, Culberson county, Texas, Hudspeth County, Texas, gravity surveys, Head, James, lunar basin formation, Descartes Highlands of the Moon, Skylab, Helper, Mark, Duke, Charles, Apollo 16, Mann, Paul, Caribbean geology, Emmet, Peter A., Dupre, William R., Padilla y Sanchez, Ricardo, Hennings, Peter, geology of Mexico, geology of Guatemala, geology of Honduras, tectonics of eastern Mexico, Chihuahua Tectonic Belt, Gordon, Mark B., Blythe, Ann E., Copeland, Peter, Donelick, Raymond, Deffontaines, Benoit, Angelier, Jacques, Chortis Block tectonics, Rogers, Rob, Hammond, Chris, Barber, Kait, Ambrose, William A., Crisium Basin of the Moon, Schmitt, Harrison, Apollo 17, Frohlich, Cliff, Nakamura, Yosio, Glidewell, Jennifer, Lunar seismic events, planetary seismology, Neal, Clive, lunar exploration, Reese, Joe, space shuttle photography, Tectonic Map of North America, Rio Grande Rift of Northern New Mexico, Ritchie, Alexander, Pall-Gordon, Cecilia

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