The experimental determination of the heat capacities and the heat capacity ratios of hydrogen cyanide and hydrogen sulfide



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ln the Physical Chemistry Laboratory of The University of Texas experiments have been conducted on various substances to determine their suitability as refrigerants. The methyl amines constitute a group of such substances. Felsing and Ashby have investigated the heats of absorption of the amines on various absorbents and Felsing and Jessen have determined the specific heats of the amines by direct means. Thermal decomposition data, which showed that the amines produce hydrogen cyanide as a decomposition product, were obtained along with equilibrium constants for the decomposition. To apply the free energy values, determined from the equilibrium constant at elevated temperatures, at lower temperatures it is necessary to know the specific heats of the products of reaction. This investigation was for the purpose of determining directly the specific heat of gaseous hydrogen cyanide and to check the r values reported in the literature. Since specific heat data are very meager for hydrogen sulfide it was also included in the investigation