Quantifying spin Hall topological Hall effect in ultrathin Tm 3 Fe 5 O 12 / Pt bilayers

Nunley, T. Nathan
Guo, Side
Chang, Liang-Juan
Lujan, David
Choe. Jeongheon
Lee, Shang-Fan
Yang, Fengyuan
Li, Xiaoqin
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Recent reports have shown that thulium iron garnet (TmIG) based bilayers are promising material platforms for realizing small, room-temperature skyrmions. For potential applications, it is imperative to accurately evaluate electrical readout signals of skyrmions. In this context, the topological Hall effect has been considered as a characteristic signature of skyrmion formation. Unlike previous studies that have modeled the anomalous Hall effect in ultrathin TmIG/Pt bilayers, we isolate its contribution to the electrical readout signal by directly measuring the magnetic hysteresis loops using a sensitive Sagnac magneto-optical Kerr effect technique. Our combined optical and electrical measurements reveal that the spin Hall topological Hall resistivity is considerably larger than previously estimated values. Our finding further indicates that skyrmions can exist at room-temperature and near-zero applied magnetic fields.