Three-dimensional geoacoustic perturbative inverse technique for the shallow ocean water column




Bender, Christopher Matthew

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This work focuses on developing an inversion scheme to estimate water-column sound-speed fields in three dimensions. The inversion scheme is based on a linearized perturbative technique which utilizes estimates of modal travel times. The technique is appropriate in the littoral ocean where measurements are made across range and cross-range distances greater than 10 km to ensure sufficient modal dispersion. Previous applications of then inversion technique has been limited to one or two dimensions and/or focused primarily on the seabed.

Compared to past applications, the accuracy and uncertainty of the solution is improved by employing approximate equality constraints within the context of \textit{a priori} estimates of model and data covariances. The effectiveness of the constrained technique is explored through a one-dimensional example. The robustness of the technique is illustrated by introducing different types of errors into the inversion and considering the accuracy. A further examination of the technique is given by exploring a three-dimensional example. Several case studies are presented to investigate the effects of different levels of environmental variability and spatial sampling.



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