Development Of A 2-D Large-Scale Micellar/Polymer Simulator




Wang, Ben

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A large-scale, two-dimensional, multicomponent, multi-phase, compositional simulator for micellar/polymer flooding has been developed and applied. It can be used to calculate the areal sweep with any well pattern and any irregular reservoir boundary. This model involves both streamline and finite-difference techniques. Time invariant streamlines with-out transverse dispersion are assumed. The change in the flow rates into each streamline is accounted for as a function of mobility ratio. The sensitivity of the oil recovery for micellar/ polymer flood to several reservoir and process variables was investigated. The reservoir variables included the well spacing, pattern type, pattern orientation in an anisotropic reservoir, and degree of confinement. The process variables included the salinity gradient, surfactant content of the slug, slug and polymer bank sizes, mobility ratio of polymer drive to oil bank, and polymer shear thinning effect. In order to demonstrate that this model is capable of handling large field problems, a large-scale simulation of the north lease of the El Dorado micellar/polymer pilot test was made. The simulated final oil recovery and the pro-duction histories of each producer are illustrated.


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