Archaeosystem, Urban Revolution and Rationalized Unification of the Political

Hopkins Moreno, Alicia
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Texas Education Review

The reconstruction of history from below retraces the path in search of what has been forgotten, it is a “history against the grain” that offers guidelines, which looks at the past from messianic categories and situates itself in a present that demands the concrete action of justice. Instead of holding up new events that might allow the hegemonic history to be dislocated, the task would be, rather, to find the ruins of any possible history to be narrated. From the archaeosystem to the Roman empire, which is the historical fragment this paper deals with, what are the faces of oppression, what structures were consolidating themselves in the relationship of domination with the rest of life on the planet? It is not a question to be fully answered in this brief text, but rather to point out ways in which we might approach Dussel’s text on the history of politics of liberation to find some clues.