Challenges of Black entrepreneurs and business owners



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The primary aim of this paper is to explore the challenges faced by Black entrepreneurs and identify factors contributing to their success. Through in-depth interviews with 15 individuals representing diverse industries, standard qualitative methods were used for data collection and analysis. The study’s key findings emphasized the crucial role of mentorship, the need for increased representation in various sectors, and the significance of self-belief and community support in shaping the trajectories of Black entrepreneurs and their communities. By understanding these essential factors, the research seeks to provide better support and resources to Black entrepreneurs, while also instilling confidence in aspiring individuals to pursue entrepreneurship. Additionally, the study aspires to promote the development of comprehensive programs that educate and empower the Black community, in hopes of fostering economic growth and stability through entrepreneurship. Utilizing in-depth interviews enables a holistic understanding of the reasons behind the success of Black entrepreneurs, transcending a narrow focus solely on challenges. Ultimately, this research contributes to cultivating a more inclusive and equitable entrepreneurial ecosystem, empowering Black entrepreneurs to thrive and drive economic prosperity and societal progress in their communities.



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