Inventory of Freight Transportation in the Southwest. Part I: Major Users of Transportation in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area

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Robinson, Eugene

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Council for Advanced Transportation Studies


This report presents an inventory of the existing facilities, services, and practices of major shippers and distributors in the Dallas- Fort Worth area. A comparison of regional and national earnings by broad industrial sector demonstrates the relative significance of particular industry segments on the general economic conditions of the area. Data presented for various manufacturing industries were analyzed in order to determine the market destinations for specific commodities and the mode of shipment selected by the shipper or distributor. Personal interviews with 41 major users of transportation (representing a cross-section of manufacturers and nonmanufacturers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area) revealed the existence of a complex and intricate distribution system. Included in the inventory is information on daily and seasonal fluctuations in volume, variation in fleet size, variation in warehouse capacity, and patterns of goods movement. The results of this study indicate a growing dependence on the use of motor carriers for freight movements, with nearly two-thirds of all establishments surveyed operating their own private carrier fleet.


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