Improved Resource Characterization Technology

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To enhance the application of research results by industry, this report provides a guide to the results of research carried out by the Bureau of Economic Geology in the Geological Analysis of Primary and Secondary Tight Gas Sands Objectives Project as part of the Gas Research Institute (GRI) Tight Gas Sands Research Program in the period 1982-1995. The Gas Research Institute (GRI) has supported geological investigations designed to develop the knowledge necessary to produce gas from low-permeability sandstones efficiently. As part of that program, the Bureau of Economic Geology has conducted in-depth research on most of the important low-permeability sandstones in the lower 48. Another objective was to develop advanced technologies, verified in the field, which are necessary for continued cost-competitive production from low-permeability reservoirs. An extensive body of knowledge about many aspects of the geology and engineering attributes of low-permeability sandstones has been developed. We review some of the key findings of the geologic studies published in GRI topical reports and Bureau of Economic Geology monographs, refereed journal papers, contributions to other GRI reports, and papers and abstracts in meeting transaction volumes.


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