Sustainable Supply Chains: The Source Of Our Ethics




Fu, Melissa

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The paper, broadly, explores ethical sourcing, meaning the environmental, economic, and societal impacts considered in a company’s sourcing process or value chain. Recently, the topic has gained traction and an influx of research, seen in the increased release of research articles and the increased purchasing of ethically-sourced products. Companies currently face significant external pressures from NGOs and customers to adapt to the changing sustainability landscape, but many are unsure of where to start. I will first address whether ethical sourcing is important to customers and companies before analyzing six case studies from the coffee, apparel, and technology industries. From the cases, I will evaluate whether companies can produce sustainable products at a fair price to consumers and have tangible impact on the environment and society. By assessing commonalities among the case studies, I will recommend key success factors applicable to a wide range of companies seeking to implement ethical sourcing initiatives.



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