Desafiar la memoria, iluminar subjetividades en la literatura argentina contemporánea




Rey De Castro Luna, Valeria

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In this dissertation, I show how the collective memory discourses dialogue with their contemporary political conditions. I analyze the novels written by the children of the dissapeared and political activists that were published during Néstor Kirchner, and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner governments (2003-2007, 2007-2015). I focus on this period to explore how the memory discourse established and promoted in both administrations permeates the dynamics of a local cultural field. I propose that the existence of these narratives would have not been posible without the political achivements in memory matters during the Kirchners’ regimes. The novels written by the children of the dissapeared enlighten experiences regarding the consequences of paternal political activism in the familial sphere. These representations do not coincide with the heroic depictions that the public memory discourse propose. In that sense, these narratives highlight the gaps between the collective and private life of the children of the dissapeared. This fissure allows the construction of a new kind of subjectivity that distances from the common places of the public memory discourse. The literary critic organizes these narratives under the “literatura de hijos” category. Although, the critic reads these novels as political interventions due to the legitimacy that the children of the dissapeared statements hold, the novelists are eager to consolidate in the literary field depicting personal experiencies in fiction. In the tension between the biographical fact and fiction, I study how the political capital of the children of the dissapeared structures the classification and value of their novels inside the literary debate. This relationship organizes the dinamics of a cultural production field. The public memory discourse presents trends in cultural production, since the writers answer to the state proposals even when the Kirchners’ governments claim the dictatorship victims.


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