Guidebook to the Geology of Travis County




Young, Keith

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The Student Geology Society, The University of Texas



A useful guide to the geology of the Austin area has long been a goal. It should be useful to students, secondary school-teachers, and to any others with an interest in some aspect of geology. The many printings, several decades ago, of guide books to various aspects of the natural history of the Fort Worth area by Hortense and Professor W. M. Minton of Texas Christian University are ample proof of the popularity of such guides if properly done. In 1973 several graduate students, Diana Grunig, M. A. Jordan, Donald F. Parker, and Bill Williams, suggested that they would be willing to aid in such a project if they could in some way receive credit for the work. This was arranged by enrolling them in Cretaceous Stratigraphy - Geology 380K. The present volume has resulted. Not only should the above authors be acknowledged, but several students of The University of Texas at Austin Student Geological Society (SGS) have laboured to produce and publish an adequate format. Among them, Charles Stone edited and computerized the text, and, with the aid and instruction in the dark-room by John Pigott, edited the figures. Keith Young August, 1977

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