Algal biofuels : the effect of salinity and pH on growth and lipid content of algae




Gutierrez, Cesar Carlos

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Supplies of nonrenewable fossil fuels are becoming more limited even as they continue to contribute to pollution and economic concerns. Alternative sources of energy must be developed that help minimize these problems. One potential source of energy is the production of biofuels from algae. Here we evaluate algae found in South Texas brackish water ponds used for aquaculture of fish as a possible source of biofuels. In particular, we examine the effects of salinity and pH on the growth and lipid content of the algae. Samples of algae from the ponds exhibited high levels of growth and lipid production at a salinity of 9 ppt and pH 7. These conditions are similar to the natural conditions of the ponds, indicating that they may be a good source of algal biofuels.



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