The use of high-strength reinforcement in bridge decks



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This thesis investigates the performance of high-strength reinforcement in cast-in-place (CIP) bridge decks with precast, prestressed concrete panels (PCPs) as stay-in-place formwork. A total of six deck strip specimens that simulate transverse and longitudinal section details in CIP-PCP bridge decks were constructed and tested to failure under four-point bending. The test variables include reinforcement grade and spacing of reinforcement in the CIP layer. The experimental tests revealed that high-strength reinforcement had a similar crack-control performance as the conventional reinforcement at the same spacing. Increasing the spacing of reinforcement was found to have negative effects on crack-control performance. All specimens with high-strength reinforcement showed increased flexural capacity compared to the specimens with conventional reinforcement. The findings from this experimental program served as the foundation for formulating recommendations regarding the utilization of high-strength reinforcement in CIP-PCP bridge decks.


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