Fatigue Properties of 3D Printed Maraging Steel

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Raju, Nandhini
Rosen, David W.

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University of Texas at Austin


The objective of this paper is to investigate fatigue properties of maraging steel, in the fabricated, machined, and heat-treated conditions, printed by powder bed fusion. Samples were manufactured in an EOS M280 machine in the X and Z build directions. Manufactured samples were tested under four different conditions: fabricated, machined, heat-treated, and heat-treated and machined. Each condition was expected to have different fatigue properties. The maximum stress and number of cycles to failure results were compared to understand the influence of the different build orientations and conditions on fatigue properties and limits. Results showed that machining and heat treatment, individually and together, had significant effects on fatigue properties. Additionally, the selection of standards, selection of sample counts, and statistical analysis of results will be discussed along with the maraging steel fatigue properties.


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