Gatorade’s approach to obesity in the Hispanic market




Winsett, Annie

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As the largest and fastest growing U.S. minority, the Hispanic market has become an increasingly significant contributor to the nation as a whole. More so than ever, marketers would greatly benefit from reaching out to this demographic, drawing inspiration from the all of the characteristics that make it unique. In seeking to increase the appeal of their products, advertising plans should be developed such that all efforts take advantage of an opportunity such as this without negatively affecting any serious conditions prevalent among the population. In the case of Latino adolescents who are more likely to consume certain products such as sports drinks, but suffer disproportionately from obesity, it is crucial that food and beverage manufacturers like Gatorade approach this target strategically. Gatorade’s strong dedication to improving athletic performance offers the chance to become a positive contributor to the health and well being of Hispanic teens. The analysis and recommendations herein seek to guide Gatorade in addressing Hispanics in light of recent trends and demographic shifts. The tactics considered include the promotion of the many healthy options among Gatorade’s existing product lines, as well as ways to develop new ones targeted at young Latino males. Drawing from current advertising reaching out to the leading sports drink consumers, ‘REPLAY The Series’ would be another method that could be tailored to reach a greater number of this ethnicity. Finally, in recognition of the many advancements in digital technologies such as location based services, and young Hispanics’ greater likelihood to make use of cell phone applications, a mobile component is recommended, focusing on bringing these teens together and facilitating physical activity. With marketing ideas built upon the role sports drinks could play in getting Hispanic adolescents active, Gatorade can continue its dedication to superior athletic performance with further potential to become a role model for the marketing industry as a whole




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